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Irene's Pub Solo Show Invitation - 'Engaged'



Solo Exhibition
December 1 to January 4, 2008

Irene’s Pub & Restaurant
885 Bank Street


The sublime is all around us.  We do not need to travel to an exotic locale or tropical paradise to find it: all we need to do is look – to look at how sunlight transforms the white of a ceramic cup into a myriad of golds and purples, or the play of reflection and shadow on slick, cool marbles that blaze with life and light.  The ordinary becomes extraordinary, but only when we pay attention.

This series of paintings illustrates what happens when we engage with our surroundings – when we take a moment to be still and pay attention.  In order to do so, we must pull out our earphones, turn off our cell phones, and stop rushing through a life of auto-piloted estrangement.  We must stop taking for granted the people, places, and things around us.  To be truly engaged, we must actively observe and appreciate the surfaces, textures, light and shadows that surround us.  The sleek contours of a telephone, the crispness of dried leaves, the compelling green of a bottle, and even the different patterns and colours of concrete can be things of beauty.

I paint because it is the ultimate form of engagement: to visually break down and re-create a person, place, or thing.  More than the final image, it is the process of rendering the colours and shapes that exist as a result of light and shadow, the positive and negative spaces, until the whole emerges as something vibrant and alive.  It is by observing and understanding the pieces that the whole, no matter how mundane, becomes beautiful.


Jennifer Kershaw


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