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Siamese Cat - Artist Statement

Siamese Cat

This was commissioned by a friend who wanted “a big abstract”-- a pretty open request that was a little daunting at first for the lack of limitations – sometimes it’s easier to come up with an idea when there are boundaries in place. And so I put on my thinking cap. I wanted it to be something personal for my friend, but how do you make an abstract personal?

Around the time that we started discussing more seriously what he might like, their Siamese cat that they had adopted while she was “with kitten” had given birth. All but one of the babies went to other homes, and so two cats became three. This was my starting point. After measuring the space where the painting would eventually hang, we came up with a length of 6 ft. that I would break into three 2 ft sq. panels, to represent each cat, but also to make it easier to work with due to the size of my apartment, which poses something of a logistical nightmare for oversized canvases. Basing my thoughts around the three cats, the colour scheme came next – Siamese, if you please: Dark brown, cream, and light blue. Having taken my cue from the exterior of the cats, I decided to look to the interior to get ideas for composition. Under a microscope, the cells of the body have always struck me as elegant – perfect, aesthetically balanced shapes that would lend themselves well to an abstract painting. With all this in mind, and inspired by the recent turn of kitten-having events, I started looking at cellular slide images of feline reproductive structures, specifically of the myometrium and endometrium. Based on these, I developed an interpretation of those into a painting.

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