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Terminator Refrigerator Vision - Artist Statement

Terminator Refrigerator VisionTerminator Refrigerator Vision is a discussion not only of the history of food still life and the memento mori associations that accompany any rendering of perishable food items, but also of modern food neurosis and dissection of nutritional content, with the added pop culture touch of the red glaze and the familiar heads-up display of the Terminator. There’s something inherently funny about the shape of the pineapple, juxtaposed with the rather grim and serious worldview of James Cameron’s iconic and monstrous cyborg.

Consider also what the Terminator is: A cyborg assassin; artificial intelligence wrapped in a human skin. How does this relate to our preoccupation with nutrition and the desire to live longer if we only do the right things and eat the right foods? There’s a certain joylessness in that which matches the Terminator’s ruthless pursuit of his goal: He will not stop until he sees it through or he is no longer operational. He cannot be swayed by mercy or emotion. There is no joy in what he does.

It’s obsession.

Similarly if we focus on food purely as fuel, we unrealistically ignore that most life celebrations occur around the dinner table with friends and family. It’s fellowship; a source of comfort, it brings us together, and it’s more than fuel for the machine.

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